Previous Meetings
Below is a list of previous speakers that we have had at our meetings
Guest Speakers During 2018
Thursday 11th January 2018
Magistrates Society Part One
Thursday 1st February 2018
Quiz Night
Thursday 8th March 2018
Barri Williams will talk to the group about Archery
Thursday 5th April 2018
Ask Our Examiners A Question
Thursday 3rd May 2018
Quiz Night
Thursday 7th June 2018
South Wales Police Drug Squad
Thursday 6th September 2018
One of our Committee Members will be giving us a talk about his charity run.
Thursday 4th October 2018
A talk from Cardiffmet with regards to Young driver project with IAM RoadSmart
Thursday 1st November 2018
Lion’s Labs-Breathalyser
Thursday 6th December 2018
Annual General Meeting & Buffett

Guest Speakers During 2017

Thursday 5th January 2017
Bill Lee - Cardiff Castle Talk
Thursday 2nd February 2017
Tom Morgan has agreed to speak about his life as a magician and professional clown
Thursday 2nd March 2017
Cardiff Highways - Road Maintenance Policy and Techniques
Thursday 6th April 2017
Rod Ashley, a presentation on "Only Fools and Porches"
Thursday 4th May 2017
Classic Cars Presentation
Thursday 1st June 2017
Meet our examiners
Thursday 7th Sept 2017
Blood Bikes Wales
Thursday 5th October 2017
South Wales Police, Road Safety Officer
Thursday 2nd November 2017
Welsh Ambulance Service
Thursday 7th December 2017
Annual General Meeting
Guest Speakers During 2016
Thursday 7th January
Bill Lee, His talk will be "Bee Keeping"
Thursday 4th February
Barri Williams, from the Speed Camera Partnership
Thursday 3rd February  
Quiz and Video  
Thursday 7th April 2016  
The Future of Motoring  
Thursday 7th May 2016
Meet our Examiners
Thursday 7th June 2016
Buffet and Social Evening
    Thursday 1st September 2016
Quiz Night
    Thursday 6th October 2016
    Driver Training in the RAF
    Thursday 3rd November 2016
    Chris Williams - Nash Point Lighthouse Visitor Centre Operator
    Thursday 1st December 2016
Annual General Meeting with Buffett
    Guest Speakers During 2015
    Thursday 8th January
    Talk from Squadron Leader Ed Griffith, Officer Commanding 634 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (1996 to 2014), RAF St Athan
    "What goes up must come down – hopefully without a bump!"
    Thursday 5th February
    Talk by Nauton Liles about passing his IAM "First" and "Masters" test
    Thursday 5th March
    Bill Lee, will be talking about his experiences as an organiser of the Royal Tournament when he server in the RAF
    Thursday 2nd April
    Two Drugs Officers From South Wales Police
    Thursday 7th May
    Dr Dan Griffith, Arup: (Consulting Engineers and Managing Engineer)
    His talk will be about the "Electrification of the South Wales Railways"
    Thursday 4th June
    Social evening
    Thursday 3rd September
    Quiz Night
    Thursday 1st October
    David Bray, His talk will be "Dealing with Rubbish & Recycling"
    Thursday 5th November
    Breathalyzer Machine Used By South Wales Police
    Thursday 3rd December
    Annual General Meeting