Group Newsletter Article Writing Competition
The Cardiff Group of Advanced Motorists is running a competiton for our group members.
The competition involves writing an article for our group newsletter. you can write any aspect of motoring you like. It could be from any era,
in any country in any vechicle. The only essentials are that it is from your own experience, and any opinions are your own.
Getwrittinglogo   The Format  
  The format of the article should ideally be in word and photos incorporated into the script  
  (Download our Spring 2019 Newsletter) and see article on "A personal Journey Back in History".  
  Don't worry if you don't think you can do that yourself.  
  If you don't have a computer, perhaps you can get a friend who does to type out the script for you?  
  Photographs re easier to use as hard copy cna be scanned and inserted into the script. Do not worry  
  about your spelling or grammar are a bit ropey; it's the editor's job to take care of those aspects.  
  (Obviously place names or other proper nouns will need to be spelt correctly as the editor may not be  
    familiar with them).  
    The Prize  
    First Prize £50.00  
    Second Prize £30.00  
    Third Prize £20.00  
    The prize winners will be announced in the Autumn issue of the Newsletter and the winner's article will be  
    published in the same issue. The runners-up articles will be published in subsequent issue, the number of  
    articles will depend on the length of each one. You should aim to write a minimum of 700 words.  
    The French trip article in the Newsletter was around 2600 words, to give you some idea of the length.  
    The more photos you submit, the better (up to 20) and the editor will pick the best ones to in include.  
        Send them separately by to the editor at  
        The Judging Panel  
        Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Chief Observer, Membership Co-ordinator, Treasurer.