What is the Local Observer Qualification?
The Local Observer qualification is the IAM entry level qualification for our observer teams; you need this qualification if you wish to
observe for the IAM.
All current, new and future observers are expected to hold either a Local or National Observer qualification.
How do I know if this is the right qualification for me?
Have a chat with our Chief Observer who will be more than happy to discuss your options.
What qualification do I need for the Local Observer qualification?
To apply you must:-
- Be a full IAM member
- Be a member of an IAM affiliated group
- Have approval of your local group committee
Where do I find the application form?
Become A National Observer
  Email our Training Officer at Chiefobserver@cardiffiam.co.uk
    He will then email you the application form.
    Where do I send the completed application form?
    The application form should be emailed to our Chiefobserver@cardiffiam.co.uk
    Once we have receivde your application form it will then go in-front of our commitee for approval.
    What happens next?
    Once we have approved your application form, we will then send it to IAM RoadSmart to be processed.
    You will then receive notification from IAM Customer Care that you have been registered for the qualification with IMI; following this an email will be
    sent to back to our Training Officer who will arrange your training.
    What literature do I need to read?
    You will need a good working knowledge of the Highway Code, the IAM RoadSmart Driver Course Logbook.
    You’ll need to study the IMI Observer Competency Document and the Local Observer Progress Summary Form (LOPS)
    How do I receive training?
    The cardiff group will take you through a training programme during which you’ll build a portfolio of evidence using the Local Observer
    Progress Summary form (LOPS). During your training you’ll be assessed at least twice by our Local Observer Assessor (LOA).
    The LOA is responsible for completing the LOPS forms and ensuring you have reached the required competence level to achieve the Local
    Observer qualification.
    Your LOPS forms are then sent to IMI by the group where they’re will be attached to your DTE record on the IAM database.
    How many assessed sessions do I have?
    We will guide you on how many assessments you’ll need, however, your LOA will need to assess you at least twice, one of which will be
    the final assessment session.
    What happens after my final assessed session?
    When you have successfully completed your training and the LOA has signed the final LOPS form stating you have reached the
    standard for Local Observer your portfolio will be sent to the IAM Internal Verifier.
    How do I know when I can start observing?
    The Internal Verifier will check your portfolio of LOPS forms to make sure you have reached the required standard.
    As soon as this has been done you'll receive an email notification congratulating you and advising that a certificate will be on its way to you.
    If you are not successful you'll receive an email notification letting you know what your next steps are. The referral process allows you
    six months to achieve the LO qualification.
    How long have I got to complete the qualification?
    You have 12 months to complete the qualification.
    I am a group qualified/senior observer; do I have to take a qualification?
    Yes, by the end of 2017 all IAM observers must hold a Local or National Observer qualification. You'll need this qualification as
    it's a requirement of our insurance cover in order to carry out observed runs.
    I have relevant experience and other driving/teaching qualifications, do I still have to take the Local or National Observer qualification?
    Yes, Local and National Observer qualifications are the recognised standard of observing for the IAM.
    Can I go straight for the National Observer qualifiction?
    Yes, if you've relevant experience, qualifications and ability e.g. Police driving/riding instructor or ADI, you should consider the NO qualification.
    You must have proven experience and show commitment to your group for the application to be fully supported by the group.
    Who pays for the qualification?
    The IAM pays for your registration with IMI and the qualification.