Welcome to the Cardiff Group of Advanced Motorists, we are a voluntary organisation and a registered charity.
Charity number: 1057448.  
We are affiliated to IAM Roadsmart in London. The aim of the group is to train Associate Members in preparation for the
IAM Advanced Driving Test.
For more information, Please contact our membership co-ordinator on 07586 338009.  
Group News
Following the Government’s announcement to avoid all social interactions due to the ongoing Covid-19


  outbreak, we have decided to cancel all group meetings and observe runs until further notice.
  We hope everyone keeps safe during these very worrying times.
  Thank you for your understanding.
  Cardiff IAM Committee

  The Cardiff group is looking for a volunteer to take on the role as group Secretary, the volunteer must be a full member of the group
  and IAM RoadSmart. If you are interested in the role or require more information, please contact Jazz our group Secretary on
  07586 338009.or email membership@cardiffiam.co.uk
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